Friday, February 20, 2015

Soul Kin

     I lost my best friend yesterday. We don't know what happened to him, or how. My family called him Figaro. I didn't call him that; I didn't feel like that was his name. I gave him no name. To me, he was simply my greatest pal, my daily companion.

     Everyone agreed that he was the sweetest cat ever. I found him strange also. He let everyone and anyone pet him. He would let me pet his ears and his paw and his legs, without a care. That cat let you do anything to him. He'd just lay there and enjoy the physical attention.

     He and I had a connection that I've never had with anyone, human or otherwise. We clicked in such a natural way, as, often, words weren't even necessary for me to utter (as though he could understand me anyway). Our energies were similar, our characteristics were similar. We only ever had one common and repetitive disagreement, when he'd try "jumping" another female cat, even after she was evidently pregnant. But he was a cat and I a human. That was understandable. That cat never held a grudge; with him, neither did I.

     I miss him. When I step out the front door, he won't be sleeping on the chair. When I sit outside in his absence, wondering if he'll come by and sleep on my lap will be a wasted thought. No more resting my head on him when he takes a nap, no more endless petting, no more sweet sound of his purring. No more playing in the bushes. No more helping him chase lizards. I'll miss the excited look in his eyes when he sees me from a distance and runs towards me.

     Most of all, I'll miss the love we shared between us. Nothing will ever be able to replace that bond. I pray we see each other again one day. I pray he be there when my time comes to cross the River myself. I pray he finds his peace from tragedy, that the Gods bestow prosperity upon him, that his next life be more fortunate than his last.
     I'll miss you, baby. Best friends and brothers, infinitely ∞.



  1. So sorry buddy. I had a cat that got out and came back a week later. Don't give up hope yet.

    1. Nicky, I might have misinformed you here. By lost, I mean I lost him to Death. I found him dead in the morning outside. No external injuries, only blood and saliva coating his mouth and trailed over his chest. He's surely gone from this world for good. I do still hold hope that I'll see him again one day, though. That hope shall never leave me, lest I no longer exist.