Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Essence of a Thing

     The world holds your being. These cosmos hold your being. The very stitches of love hold your being.

     Throughout our busy days, we often lose sight of our initial goals, those goals that leap into our minds when we first awake from our nightly slumber, pockets of inspiration. We forget what we set
out for, and we forget ourselves.

     Moments of heightened or even repressed emotions act like a stumble during a dance. We lose our footing and the rest of ourselves come tumbling down like a messy domino effect. With skill, we can learn to make the stumbling part of the dance that is our lives.

     For these reasons, conscious breathing and proper posture are so important to me.

     I want to be connected to my body. My body isn’t something for me to ignore – I’m living in it. I want to treat it right, feed it well, make it feel good, and enliven it. Holding healthy posture helps keep myself anchored in my body so that I'm not stuck in my mind all the time but present in all of me. At any given moment throughout a busy day, I can call

my attention back to my body and go through a quick inspection on how I’m feeling and what all of me is doing. I can regroup myself, and then from that point restart whatever it is I'm doing, be able to acknowledge the adjustments that are necessary in my work now that I've made the necessary adjustments within myself.

     If I’m hunched forward, chin jutting out, creating the “turtle head”, I may be restricting the flow of breath (and with that, of energy) coming in and moving out of my body, restricting the flow of oxygen to my brain and my blood, and all thus stilling the process of growth and transformation that is trying to happen. Such posture can severely injure my spine in more ways than one, not to mention the chronic pain that may ensue. My magic is not effective when I am in constant pain. In fact, I find myself naturally aligning my position when doing magical work because not only have I trained my body to do so when I am in the midst of my work, but because my being knows that my magic is so much more effective when my body isn’t all crooked. I don't want a crooked body, and I don't want crooked magic. Aligned myself, I can further align my magic and bring further alignment to the world.

     Sitting or standing upright, shoulders back and relaxed, and spine erect with my skull evenly balanced upon it (which can be achieved by tucking your chin back into a comfortable position) is great posture for most any given situation.

     A single conscious breath can call my attention back to my body. A single conscious breath can still my mind, my emotions, my whole being. A single conscious breath can assist me in remembering what I set out to do in my day, my life. It can assist in a call for justice, stilling my

anger and directing it with due force, and help when holding the hand of a sobbing friend. It can soothe my depressive complexes and bring me into a closer bond with my lover. It can temper hopelessness and the feelings of loss. A single conscious breath can do all these things for me, and more. A single conscious breath is strong magic.

     Conscious breathing also assists in the work of bearing presence. You exist. You are a constant existence in this world, and it is evident through every breath you take. Being aware of your breath leads to being aware of your space and of your being within it. The world need not be so small. Let your space expand. Let yourself open up to the world around you. Breathe. You are alive! Bright and beautiful. Stay in the moment of the essence of your existence, stay in every moment, and never let go. Don’t go back to sleep.

     So take a moment now as you read this to sit up and align your body now if you haven’t already. Take a deep breath so that it fills your whole being. Breathe into your still point, resting somewhere just below your navel. Just breathe. Remember who you are, remember your work. Send out a prayer for yourself in this moment, that you may stay in conscious presence, connected to your body and your breath, wherever you go and whatever you do. Blessed be.

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