Friday, August 30, 2013

Monday, August 12, 2013

The Cycle of Great Work

      We are all set out to do work in this world. Whatever work we do, whether it is healing work, building work, physical work, inspirational work, ecstatic work, or any work otherwise or inclusively . . . though this work may be for others, the work we do for community is inherently for ourselves. This sounds selfish at first. I pray you dig deeper and swim within the pool of cooled meaning to my statement. As humans, we are thinkers. As thinkers, we walk out into the world and find as may ways in which we can identify ourselves with the surrounding  world. (Thus was born the poetic artistry of personification!) And in striving to identify ourselves through our surroundings, the work we fall upon doing somehow is

Monday, July 22, 2013

Raining Shards Inflamed

I am angry. I am enraged. Life force fills me in the guise of action. Heated, I am. Inflamed I break down matter, that new life may be born from the ashes.

But what's this? I have no guidance! Where is my center of being? Where is my still point? Where am I in this space and what I am doing?

If only I had asked those questions before chaos ensued in my kitchen.

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Heart-Diving, or Fishing for Desire

     "Water Shows the Hidden Heart" by Irish Singer Enya is a gorgeous song with ravishingly haunting words that move me. Even more, the name of the song moves me. Water shows the hidden heart.
     On the surface, water reflects our hearts. Many Witches use the surface of water for scrying and other forms of divining as a means to gaze upon past and future, asking for dreams to be revealed, or for the
power of All-That-Is to show the heart-deep Witch their true love. And then we take the plunge. Plunging the surface, we dive into ourselves, swimming in our own souls, our own divinities, and the emotions which lead us to it.
     As a 20 year old man, I face a time in my life where I am honoured to ask myself, What do I really want? As a Witch, I can no longer ignore this question. This is my path now. I was warned about becoming more myself. And yet this is the deepest human desire of all the race of humans. And why the warning, you may be asking? A warning was ensured because once you swim towards your desire, there is no swimming back upstream, even with all the wisdom of a salmon. Or perhaps the wisdom of the salmon is to go against our overculture and swim up your own passion-made stream.

Saturday, May 18, 2013

The Song of the Living

The modern Pagan path is unique in its sense of being Goddess-oriented. We are a people who acknowledge the presence and life of the beings of power in their female forms, along side with their fathers, brothers, male lovers and sons. Many of us acknowledge the feminine divine in what may be called the All, the One, the Great Spirit, the Universe, the Multiverse, the Infinite, the Limitless, God Hirself, etc.

I'll sit here in front of this computer monitor and quite boldly say
that all of us Pagans came to our present faiths because once upon a blue moon there was a Calling. We have all heard this calling to serve Goddess all in our own ways. I don't mean a Goddess entity, not a Deity (per se). But the Mother of all that lives and
the Goddess of all that is. Having been raised around the secretive Witches in my family and having first started studying the Craft on my own eight years ago, I often like to look back now and reflect upon how I once heard my Calling to serve Goddess, and to serve myself. (See my last blog post about how I came to the Craft!)

For those reading this who aren't Pagan, it is difficult to define or explain what the Calling is.

Thursday, May 2, 2013

Legacy of a Pagan

(In honor of International Pagan Coming Out Day, I write to you a story about the birth and youth of a modern Pagan.)

Once upon a time, I was a very quiet child. Being very kind, I made friends quite easily. The more I learned of the world, the more I stayed silent, inspecting it from my position. And though I'm still quite an introverted person, there are some things in this sacred world, in my beloved life, which cause passion to flow through so strongly that this mouth opens and a cry is heard.

I was born of magic.

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

The Dismount

And here you be!
Stirring within me,
waiting to pounce on some beautiful beast.
Yet when no such creature doth hum
a throbbing tune, such menace creature do I become,
and alone do I have my feast.