Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Heart-Diving, or Fishing for Desire

     "Water Shows the Hidden Heart" by Irish Singer Enya is a gorgeous song with ravishingly haunting words that move me. Even more, the name of the song moves me. Water shows the hidden heart.
     On the surface, water reflects our hearts. Many Witches use the surface of water for scrying and other forms of divining as a means to gaze upon past and future, asking for dreams to be revealed, or for the
power of All-That-Is to show the heart-deep Witch their true love. And then we take the plunge. Plunging the surface, we dive into ourselves, swimming in our own souls, our own divinities, and the emotions which lead us to it.
     As a 20 year old man, I face a time in my life where I am honoured to ask myself, What do I really want? As a Witch, I can no longer ignore this question. This is my path now. I was warned about becoming more myself. And yet this is the deepest human desire of all the race of humans. And why the warning, you may be asking? A warning was ensured because once you swim towards your desire, there is no swimming back upstream, even with all the wisdom of a salmon. Or perhaps the wisdom of the salmon is to go against our overculture and swim up your own passion-made stream.