Monday, August 4, 2014

Core Dust

     Often, when our work gets difficult to the point where procession is no longer undergoing, basics can be a dear friend.

     I've fallen off my horse, the gallop having come to an immediate stop after a bad breakup four months ago. But now, the fires are rekindled, the bellows breathing, and the waters cool and clean once more. The fourge is once again up and running!

     Many times, we overlook the basics. We think, "But that's easy work. Anyone can do that. Show me the advanced stuff! Show me that pretzel yoga move! Teach me how to cast spells to turn my life around here and now! Tell me the secret to not thinking anything at all while meditating! Tell me the occult secrets!"

     To me, that sounds similar to wanting to learn how to walk and talk in life without knowing what life your living, what condition it's in, where you are standing, here, now. Where is your center?

     Even if we are aware of our lives, our environment, and who and what we are and are becoming, the basics only enhance our current work. Connect with the Earth, connect with  the symphony of your lively breath and the beating of your heart. Notice the posture of your body. Are you slanting sideways? Is your head jutting out, giving yourself the "turtle head"? Can you sit tall, spine straight as you tuck in your chin to align your skull? Does breathing deeply feel easier now? Does it cause some tension at the base of your back after awhile? Can you spare a few more moments of practicing healthy body posture so that the energies within your body can further assist your Work in this world, tying breath, will, and desire as they kiss the holy divine?

     Cleansing is, again, another basic that we mentally bypass. After a long and tiring day, taking a shower can feel quite rejuvenating. Waking up in the morning and splashing cool water on your face is awakening. Washing your hands before eating feels like preparation for a (ful)filling job. The same goes with any spiritual practice and the arts of working magic.

     Take a shower before your work. If you're short on time, wet your hands and your face. Anoint yourself with some oils. Remember to ground and to center yourself. Align all your parts with your divine self. Do some cleansing work such as smudging or burning some other incense and wafting with hands or a feather. Breathe your problems into a cup of water and imagine the water transmutating to clear, brightly shining liquid, an elixir. Sit in silence for five minutes minimum, deepening in your stillness, its center stationed below your navel.

     Make sure your space is clean and clear, too. Author Brad Gooch wrote in his book, "Finding the Boyfriend Within" about how he wouldn't have someone over his very messy apartment. So why would he invite himself to such a messy environment, he thought? After he cleaned his place, he put on some nice music, lit some candles, and had a warm drink.

That night he slept like a baby.

     So do the favor; in respect to yourself, and to the Spirits, Fey, or other Otherworldly beings you may be sharing your space with, clean up. Tidy things around your altar, your meditation cushion or
bench. Empty and wash those icky-watered cups, and throw away those dangling leftover incense sticks. Wash or replace the cloth. If your space is surrounded by everyday things, tidy that, too. Make your bed and put shoes away. Dirty clothes in one place, clean in another. And trash in the trash.

     Is your space feeling better? Try it out. Does your mind feel clear, too? Might your practice feel more effective and integrated now that you've connected with your sacred space? Because that is what it is, sacred space. The lives we occupy are sacred spaces. Let's attend to our sacred places and sacred lives with gratitude and respect.

     Readying ourselves by way of cleaning, cleansing, and aligning are today's most essential basics to beginning our spiritual work. Let us do ourselves a big favor a do it in great love by starting out with acts of great love.

     The few methods I shared here for clearing, cleansing, and grounding are only a few grains of rice within a very large, and sometimes contemporary, bowl. If you follow a certain spiritual lineage or tradition, be certain of conducting in the ways of your people. If you are new to spiritual practice, the practices I have offered are simple, yet effective. I am no official teacher, simply another Seeker upon the path of growing. I encourage you to seek your way as well, as my way may not work for you. Seek. Investigate. Learn. If you are presented with options such as mine, and they aren't the greatest, tweak them to your suiting. The greatest teacher you could ever have is your body and yourself.

     May we engage and open further. Blessings upon us all.

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